In a green garden that has a white fence with an orange striped cat sleeping on top, there is a bright, colorful umbrella. Who is under the umbrella? Out pop out Brinji, Gullo, and Kicku! It’s raining! Vibrant, electric blue raindrops are pouring down! Some of the raindrops are happy, some are surprised! What sound do the raindrops make? Chham chham! Come sing and dance in the rain with Brinji, Gullo, and Kicku. This is a Hindi nursery rhyme about Ghotu Motu Ki Toli’s adventure in rainy weather.


Baarish aayi cham cham cham

Lekar chhata nikle hum

Paair phisal gaya, gir gaye hum

Neeche chhata oopar hum


This is XS

This is SM

This is MD

This is LG