By Shailee Butalia | on June 1, 2015 | Children Parenting Rhymes

It is one of the worst things in the world to see your child sick. My baby had a 103.5 degree fever a few nights ago and we had to rush her to the emergency room. After a day and a half of constant medication and rest, her fever got better. She is now recovering […]
By Shailee Butalia | on May 24, 2015 | Rhymes

When we have our first child, our immediate instinct is that we need to be doing something for him or her at all times in the day. While this is true, it’s also not true. In this day and age, we are bombarded by so much information on how to make our children reach their […]
By Shailee Butalia | on May 24, 2015 | Rhymes

The world isn’t a black and white place. Our children will have to learn that things might not always be good when we want them to be. We have to teach them that things will not always go their way and that what we want isn’t what we always get. Even in the worst times, […]
By Shailee Butalia | on May 12, 2015 | Children Parenting Rhymes

Let’s face it. Sometimes, it’s extremely hard to be a parent. It’s an endless, thankless job. We deal with the endless night wakings, learning how to breastfeed, and a child that will just start crying for no reason for hours and hours. We have to sleep train (or not sleep train) and potty train. We […]
By Shailee Butalia | on May 3, 2015 | Children Parenting Rhymes

As our children get older, playing with them becomes much more interactive. We are able to communicate with them and teach them all sorts of fun games. This encourages our children to be active and learn how to play well with others. There is nothing better than gathering together with your friends and their children […]
By GhotuMotu | on April 13, 2015 | Children Parenting Rhymes

According to experts, breastmilk and formula give newborns all the essential nutrition they need only up to the age of six months. But don’t worry. In your baby’s first year, there are several nutritious meals you can introduce to the little one’s diet apart from breastmilk and formula to be rest assured of your child’s […]
By GhotuMotu | on March 30, 2015 | Rhymes

When you first found out you were pregnant, you probably felt a lot of joy and a little bit of anxiety. Nine months later, you had your beautiful, precious little baby. It was everything you had ever wanted, everything you had ever dreamed off. There were ten fingers, ten toes, and absolute perfection. It took […]
By GhotuMotu | on March 30, 2015 | Rhymes

  As a parent, most of what your toddler does is without a doubt adorable to you but, at times, you need to look beyond your rose-tinted glasses and watch out for these behavioural red flags in your growing child.   Once they start talking, they seldom stop. Children have a pure and excited outlook […]
By GhotuMotu | on March 21, 2015 | Rhymes

  Bullying is a serious issue.   When our children grow up to be a certain age, we have to let them go into the real world. All we can hope is that we have them the proper tools so that they can take care of themselves. We aren’t able to protect them all the time […]
By GhotuMotu | on March 21, 2015 | Rhymes

On my daughter’s 3rd birthday, out of the many gifts she received, one was a special “storybook pillow:”. Every night, I secretly tuck in a book in a pocket at the back of the pillow for my kid. She loves being surprised and gets really excited to see which one it is. It certainly has encouraged […]



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