Motu and Gullo are at Motu’s house. Motu’s house has beautiful things to see. There is a red, blue, and yellow sofa. There is a big, black ceiling fan. There are purple flowers in vases at the top of the wall. There is a long, red window seat with green, red, and brown pillows in front of two great, big windows that look out into the green garden. There are many trees in the green garden.Gullo asks Motu where birds fly to in the evening. Do they go to their house? Motu tells Gullo that they don’t go to their house but to their nest. Gullo thinks that all animals must go to their nest then. Motu lets her know that only birds have a nest but other animals have different types of homes. Motu and Gullo go on an adventure to see what other types of homes animals live in. They visit a mouse in its hole in the wall, a fish in the big, blue ocean, a spider in its intricately designed web, and a bee in its yellow hive. Guess who is in the hive waiting for them? Bugsy as it is his home! Bugsy, Motu, and Gullo sing about home and how relaxing it is to be there wherever it is for you! Chuha Rahta Bil Ke Andar helps promote education and development in a traditional Indian language through children’s songs


Chuha rahta bil ke andar

Machli ka ghar bada samandar

Makdi bunti apna jaal

Chhatta madhumakkhi ka vishal

Ghar deta sabko aaram

Chahe subha ho chahe sham


This is XS

This is SM

This is MD

This is LG