We are visiting Ghotu, Kicku, Bugsy, and Brinji at Ghotu’s house. Ghotu’s house has all sorts of fun things to see such as the painting of himself as a cartoon on the wall, a bunny sleeping on top of his cabinet, and pinwheel flowers in a vase! You can also see the bright, shiny stars in the dark, blue sky outside. Ghotu asks us if we can find him something “gol”. Kicku asks us what “gol” means and Bugsy explains that “gol” means “round”. Brinji asks if a merry-go-round is “gol”. Ghotu says yes and also tells us to look at the clock on our wall which is also “gol”. Learn a Hindi nursery rhyme and dance along to a song about all the things “gol” including the moon, the earth, your dad’s money, and your mum’s roti in Gol Gol! Gol Gol helps promote education and development in a traditional Indian language through children’s songs.


Oopar chanda gol gol

Neeche dharti gol gol

Mammi ki roti gol gol

Papa ke paise gol gol

Hum bhi gol tum bhi gol

Sari duniya gol matol


This is XS

This is SM

This is MD

This is LG