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The world isn’t a black and white place. Our children will have to learn that things might not always be good when we want them to be. We have to teach them that things will not always go their way and that what we want isn’t what we always get. Even in the worst times, we have to be able to appreciate what we have. And we need to pass this onto our children. It’s important to teach them the lesson of gratitude.

It’s not an easy lesson to teach. Going through our daily lives with all its stresses and difficulties makes it hard to be grateful regularly. It’s even harder to always show gratitude in front of our children as well. So how do you teach this lesson? Here are a few ways we thought of that would help:

  1. Set a good example. If we want our children to be grateful, they need to see us being grateful. We are so constantly focused on our needs that are not being met that we probably aren’t always setting a good example. We need to train ourselves to look at the positivity in our life and make sure our children are aware of its existence as well.
  2. Practice. As adults, writing down daily what we are grateful for can help us keep in touch with our awareness. Make it a practice with your children to review 5 things that they are also grateful for.
  3. Give back. There is nothing better than volunteering to help others in need to teach our children how to be grateful for what they have. Spend some time doing something good for the community such as helping at a soup kitchen or hanging out with another child in need. This is another way we can set a good example for our own children.
  4. Be in the moment. We spend so much time worrying about the past and the future that we forget to live in the moment. Being in the here and now helps us realize that what we are doing and who we are spending time with is important. Those few minutes we take to sing and dance around to Ghotu Motu Ki Toli nursery rhymes with our kids will always remain priceless. Take some time to be in the moment with your child and ask them what they are enjoying about their present.
  5. Be thankful. If we show gratitude for what we have, our children will emulate us.

We want our children to realize how lucky they are to have as much as they do. We don’t want for them to take the things we have worked hard for and shared with them for granted. It’s an important life lesson to teach them how to be grateful for everything they get to enjoy and experience in their lives.Teaching them how to be thankful is one of the best gifts we can give them.

Written by Shailee Butalia – A second generation Indian mother of a gorgeous daughter living in the USA… writing this on behalf of the wonderful team of Ghotu Motu Ki Toli.

Ghotu Motu Ki Toli is a way to teach our children our culture and language using 2 minute Indian nursery rhyme videos available on Youtube and through free mobile apps. Subscribe to our mailing list and our Youtube channel.

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