Kicku and Brinji are standing together in front of a dark, blue train. Kicku is practicing her karate and Brinji is drinking water out of a white cup. Brinji throws her cup on the ground after she is finished. Kicku tells her that it is not okay to throw your trash on the ground! It is bad manners! Brinji then sneezes and doesn’t have a tissue with her! Gullo and Bugsy join Kicku to sing a song about a black and yellow cat that gets caught in the rain, starts shivering, and then sneezes without a tissue. They tell the black and yellow cat and Brinji to learn to always carry a tissue when sneezing. Brinji sneezes again at the end of this Hindi nursery rhyme and Kicku, Gullo, and Bugsy all hand her their tissues. Meow! This is a fun song for the whole family to sing and dance to!


Meri billi kali peeli

Barish mein wo ho gayi geeli

Geeli hokar lagi kanpane

Aa chhee, aa chhee lagi chhinkane

Maine bola kuch to seekh

Bina rumaal kabhi na chheenk


This is XS

This is SM

This is MD

This is LG