Taking children on a fun ride under the ocean to teach them about fishes in an exciting song and dance.

Posham is a very popular children’s game brought to life by the characters of Ghotu Motu Ki Toli. Be sure to sing and play along!

Fun, unique and with tonnes of energy… this Wheels on the Bus done the Indian way.

In a green garden that has a white fence with an orange striped cat sleeping on top, there is a bright, colorful umbrella.

The sun is setting, the river is flowing, and there is a beautiful house with green trees in the background. On the riverbank, Bugsy joins Motu as she is waiting for the dhobi.

Motu and Gullo are at Motu’s house. Motu’s house has beautiful things to see. There is a red, blue, and yellow sofa. There is a big, black ceiling fan.

We are visiting Ghotu, Kicku, Bugsy, and Brinji at Ghotu’s house. Ghotu’s house has all sorts of fun things to see such as the painting of himself as a cartoon on the wall.

Kicku and Brinji are standing together in front of a dark, blue train. Kicku is practicing her karate and Brinji is drinking water out of a white cup.

In a beautiful, green garden, there were many bright, yellow flowers. On these flowers were many butterflies. There were red butterflies and purple butterflies.


This is XS

This is SM

This is MD

This is LG